Operation Little Princess has 3 facets to it:

Princess Parties– We want to fulfill the dream every little girl has to be a “Little Princess”…but with a twist. This opportunity is open to young ladies ages 5-17 who are currently undergoing cancer treatment or who are in remission.

It all begins with a name of an eligible young lady..

We get her contact information & send her family the form to acquire a hair piece, our party specification form and possible dates.

When all information is submitted, we go to work and create the most memorable event for our “Little Princess” which includes the following:

Personally delivered invitation by her favorite princess or prince charming for her and up to 8 friends because support is priceless.

Our “Little Princess” and friends are treated to spa treatments as well as the “princess” is taught how to apply her hair piece and how to enhance her natural beauty.

These ladies will have special goodies and treats (tutus, wings and wands to name a few) to remember this day… along with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

How to be a part of this?? We have sponsorship & volunteer opportunities available.

Sponsorship levels:

Magic Wand Provider, Prince Charming/Grand Duchess, Honorary Fairy Godmother, and Wish Giver

(Separate information is available with details.)

Volunteer levels:

We have several opportunities to earn goodies and fulfill community service requirements for those who need to. (Separate information is available with details.)

olp brochure picture olp brochure pic 2

Children’s Hospital Visits–These happen every other month.  We take in different craft projects to work with kids of all ages and bring a smile to their face.  We have painted pumpkins, created jewelry in time for Mother’s Day and have created Popsicle  frames.  The BIG Halloween Party is planned for the next trip.  Theme is “Build A Costume”

The third part is we have a Relay For Life Team.  We create items for the younger kids who visit during the day.  This year our theme is SUPER HEROES!!  We were at Hart Middle School in Rochester on June 20th with our “Super Sparkle Bar” painting faces, coloring hair and selling tutu’s and capes.


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