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We hope to inspire and be inspired by those who follow us and our activities, projects, crazy adventures and so much more.


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Scholarship Application Available Jan 2021


Will reopen for class of 2021 in January.

Reminder of criteria to apply:  Attend a Macomb County or Oakland County high school

Completed 40 hours of documented community service (completed between 9-12 grade)

Application can be found under Programs on here or click on icon above.

Statement On Prom Closet Project

Prom Closet will hopefully be back in Spring 2021.

We watch to see how after school events unfold this spring.

Stay Safe & We can’t wait to see you !!

Masks For Michigan program

Welcome to all checking us out from Masks for Michigan page.

We created the page/program to share information and create masks for our frontliners, vulnerable and all our neighbors.

Please look at all our programs/events & what makes us tick.

Stay Safe & We can’t wait to see everyone again!!


Here is the information about the HEARTBREAKERS Comedy Event as we plan for all possibilities.
**sponsorship any level: January 22
** booklet (book ads) & goodie bag items is January 29.
You can contact us or the point person for each charity (WL911-Lynn Karnes, Habitat-Kathleen Kelchner & GLBC-Mike Longenecker)



What People Are Saying

Cat Massof
Owner, Kitty Deluxe speaks about Prom Closet Project

“I have kids who get a hold of me from the very first year, and there are some who … are so grateful and thankful. (They tell me), ‘I ended up going to college. I ended up giving my dress to somebody else… I’ve had people tell me that it was the best night of their life.

I just love that (Lietz) puts this together for girls that might not have an opportunity to have a pretty dress for prom. I love the thought that she gives them the opportunity to come and pick something out. It’s absolutely free for them, and I just think it’s just a great thing that she does. It’s very admirable how much time and effort and heart that she puts into all of this, getting nothing in return obviously.”


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