A non profit community of charity, business, comedy and so much more.

Our Mission:  To create awareness and a voice to  charities/causes which need a louder voice by uniting charity, comedy, communities and local business.

SN stands for the following:  Compassion, charity, comedy, “under dog”, local, inspired, network, connection, love, community, grateful, awareness, hard work, determined, heart, friendship and unity

We hope to inspire and be inspired by those who follow us and our activities, projects, crazy adventures and so much more.

Our community/network has been created to serve 3 functions:

To be a community to connect people and ideas.

To produce events/fundraisers.

To help others express themselves through the written word.

Yearly we love to honor and celebrate…We have 4 awards which we give in the following areas:

LOVE (Cherish) 2014 recipient: Century Club of Ambassadors was launched

BELIEVE (Luck) 2014 recipient: Robbin Nickerson

SPARKLE (Inspire) 2014 recipient: Rachel Scheich

TEAL HEART (person who shows what a survivor can do and become)


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