Our What:

We are a Metro Detroit/MI based non-profit community of charity, business, comedy & more.
We are a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization.

Our Mission:

Creating awareness & a voice to those who deserve it by uniting charity, comedy, communities & business

Our Why:

“My parents taught me to do as much good as I can because it makes a difference even if I may not see it right away but at least one was effected and just remember that,”.  “It’s so much fun to see what can be done and how people are so willing to help when they learn the story of what’s trying to be accomplished.” explained by Moe Lietz.

Our Awards:

Yearly (announced in November) we love to honor and celebrate…We have 4 awards which we give in the following areas:

LOVE (Cherish)


SPARKLE (Inspire)

TEAL HEART (person who shows what a survivor can do and become)

We honor those who receive these with acknowledgement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our Board:

Moe Lietz

Moe Lietz

Board President & Creator of Sparkle Network

Moe’s diverse interests and education has helped broaden her considerable network and fine tune her natural ability to make a friend out of a stranger. Her background in pageants & now delving into the comedy world has helped her develop excellent networking skills and poise under pressure.

It’s her passion for charity involvement which was the driving force behind the creation of Sparkle Network.

The running joke which is actually very true–Moe waves her magic wand behind the scenes and makes powerful magic.

Leslie Dedona

Leslie Dedona


Leslie is our whiz with the numbers. Her 25+ years of varied business background helps us find creative ways to make every cent count. She like the other 2 have a passion for charity and the difference she can help make. She’s excited to join the board and share her expertise & views to help expand current programs and help launch new ones.

Rachael Karpinski

Rachael Karpinski


Rachael helped out the Sparkle world a few year’s back with a couple of our programs for a class project.  She is excited to be back and a main board member.  She is a Human Resource major at Oakland University and looks to use this background to help us connect with more people & inspire more to do good! She is very eager to be our keeper of notes and continue to make a difference

Dawn Coyne

Board Member

Info coming soon….

Lisa Swiftney

Board Member

Info coming soon….


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