We got to spend opening day at Pretty Lake–Home to Great Lakes Burn Camp.

Our day started with a tour of the grounds and how the camp works followed by a delicious lunch and some recognition to groups who help fund this camp.

We then got to watch the “parade of vehicles” into camp as this is how the lucky 50 some campers arrive.

198 motorcycles and 40 firetrucks later…..what a parade it was and LOUD!! But perfect for the kids!!

So while they were all settling into their cabins and taking water tests….we explored a little more & chatted with many¬† more people who surprisingly were all east side of the state people too.

Along with all this came dinner too and then getting to meet and hang out with some of the counselors & campers who are just so full of spirit & incredible people.

We saw first hand the caring, support & generosity everyone exudes there and so proud to be able to have Naughty & Proud of it!! Comedy event coming this December.

Enjoy our pictures & stay turned for date release of our event..

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