NPBS 2015 FLYER-page-001   We are BACK & kicking it on October 10th!!!!

Join us for laughs & fun so we can bring smiles & Halloween fun to some great kids at Children’s Hospital!!

Of course we have some special twists/surprises in true Sparkle tradition…and the survival kit you’ll definitely need..

First up…

Meet our  line-up:

Our girl Moe is back as MC for our signature event. She’s full of Irish sarcastic wit about everyday life observations….and sometimes the bubbles you wish wouldn’t appear over your head make it out anyway…just warning.

First on the list Diego Attanasio:

Diego Attanasio quickly wins a crowd with his quick wit and likability. His non sequitur comedy keeps audiences enthralled and guessing.  Metro-Detroit native, Diego has traveled as far as Alaska, Hawaii, and everywhere in between.  He has performed at clubs and colleges all over the country.  His background is rooted in sketch comedy.   He has produced sketch videos which have over 5 million total views. Some highlights so far in Diego’s comedy journey is  performing at the Fairbanks Funny Festival, at Gilda’s LaughFest, and opening  for MAD TV’s Bobby Lee in Montana.

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Next in the line-up and returning for the 2nd year–Bruce Pych:

Ypsi native and connoisseur of adult beverages, Bruce Pych will push the boundaries of what you find funny. His interesting twists and comparisons of rather dark subject matter comes out surprisingly light-hearted, and dare I say…cute? Bruce has had people, slapping their knees so hard their palms bruise. Leave your preconceived notions of decency at home, and come out to enjoy the silly side of our sick sad world.

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Rounding out the line-up: JD “the Smile Hustler”:

From the day he start talking, J.D. “The Smile Hustler” immediately started entertaining audiences.  His captivating renditions of holiday church speeches became legendary. He became a permanent staple in all school productions & assemblies, and was the life of the party at every family gathering (co- starring his drunken uncle and Auntie Busybody who told everybody’s personal business & kept up much confusion). After returning to Detroit, J.D. performs and has performed at numerous venues both public & private. continues to push the levels of comedy, through the Smile Hustler Movement, to help return the world back to a place of love, happiness, and public Unity.

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Followed up by..

Our lovely friend Lisa Landry  ( is giving 25%, yep you read that right, of the sales that happen from now to the night of our show back to the Halloween party fund!!  So after shopping on her link when you get to checkout just click on the “shopping with a party” and the party ID is 811170. It’s that simple.

So all the stats:

October 10 , 2015

Rochester Mills (400 Water St., downtown Rochester)

6 pm doors open & 7 pm showtime

tickets/survival kit are $20 advance (includes snacks)

Can buy paper tickets by contacting Sparkle Network on facebook or online at the following link: