npbs 2014 favor


From Moe Lietz:

In just 8 days will be the 2nd annual #Naughty Princess Bachelorette Show!!!  This is my favorite Sparkle Wrapped Tour Show we do because it is the heart of why Sparkle exists and a personal reminder to me why we do what we do.    It’s the chance to have kid fun in an adult way.  Most girls & women love to “sparkle” or “glitter up” and this gives them a chance to dress up for the night and hang out with the girls or make it a date night.  The chance to feel like a kid with the adult abilities.  The exciting part and I mean EXCITING is the chance to throw a Halloween Party for the kids at Children’s Hospital in Detroit and give them reasons to smile around a fun holiday.  To help them forget why they are in a foreign place and dealing with adult illness or disease.  Our joy comes in creating the chances for surprises.  We hope to give many surprises to the kids and families when we are at Children’s and like wise to the adults who come to have fun next Saturday night.    I can’t THANK Krabby Painters enough for seeing what we are doing, the vision, and helping us make it possible!!  Yes, there are jokes to be made come next Saturday….that’s only my sarcastic nature.  In all seriousness we have been very blessed with companies, groups and individuals who have stepped up this entire year of 2015.  Hard to believe its almost over but the same time EXCITING to be able to share soon all that will be coming in 2016.


If you are on the fence about joining us next Saturday I urge you to come and have some great food, drinks, enjoy the surprises and HAVE FUN!!!!  We all need smiles and laughs in our lives……be good to each other!!!