We have moved to a more intimate spot this year so the earlier you get your tickets the better cause we will SELL OUT fast this year.

The event gets the “Princess Pumpkin Patch” to the kids at Children’s Hospital of Detroit!!

Yes the princesses hope for their prince.  They dream of marrying him..   They too are entitled to a bachelorette party..This is the adult version of our princess parties mixed with comedy, fun bachelorette type treats  and surprises!!

First up…

Meet our  line-up:

Our girl Moe is back as MC for our signature event. She’s full of Irish sarcastic wit about everyday life observations….and sometimes the bubbles you wish wouldn’t appear over your head make it out anyway…just warning.

First on the list Diego Attanasio:

Diego Attanasio quickly wins a crowd with his quick wit and likability. His non sequitur comedy keeps audiences enthralled and guessing.  Metro-Detroit native, Diego has traveled as far as Alaska, Hawaii, and everywhere in between.  He has performed at clubs and colleges all over the country.  His background is rooted in sketch comedy.   He has produced sketch videos which have over 5 million total views. Some highlights so far in Diego’s comedy journey is  performing at the Fairbanks Funny Festival, at Gilda’s LaughFest, and opening  for MAD TV’s Bobby Lee in Montana.

follow at Twitter @diegocomedy & IG diegocomedy

Next in the line-up and returning for the 2nd year–Bruce Pych:

Ypsi native and connoisseur of adult beverages, Bruce Pych will push the boundaries of what you find funny. His interesting twists and comparisons of rather dark subject matter comes out surprisingly light-hearted, and dare I say…cute? Bruce has had people, slapping their knees so hard their palms bruise. Leave your preconceived notions of decency at home, and come out to enjoy the silly side of our sick sad world.

follow at Twitter @LordBluntsWorth

Last in our line-up but not least:  Mike Ball

Mike is one of Michigan’s top up-and-coming comics. Growing up in Saginaw, Mike learned to cope with the losses by pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. Mike has started his own show in mid-Michigan titled “The Future of Comedy Show” which brings in headliners on a monthly basis. Mike has traveled as far as Los Angeles to perform and was a regular at the Ha Ha Comedy Club. Mike opened up for Nick Guerra (Last Comic Standing, Stand Up Revolution), Matt McClowry, Floyd J. Phillips, Dwayne Gill, Mike Stanley, Dave Landau and performed with Damon Wayans in Los Angeles. This “half-bred ginger” captivates the crowed by covering a diverse range of topics including roommates and relationships, coupled with spot-on crowd work to delight his audience. Mike is certainly bound to be one of your favorite comedians.

Facebook:  Mike Ball
IG: iammikeball
Twitter:  @IamMikeBall


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Now the flyer may say visit Facebook but the ticket link is right here..  Tickets are just 30.00  a person


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