We are heading into early Spring/spring which means…”Week of Love” activities for starters.


We are also introducing the “Just Be” campaign…How does a photo shoot with your BFF sound for all our high schoolers out there??

That’s right we are looking for student ambassadors for the following school districts to help make this work:  Anchor Bay, New Haven, Algonac, L’Anse Creuse and Romeo 

Help us get the nomination forms out in your school so your friends can get creative and tell us what makes their friend(s) they nominate so AWESOME & WONDERFUL!!  and BONUS you will also get to be our liaison for Prom Closet Project…Talk about some good community service hours…just sayin’….Email us at [email protected] to be considered–we are looking for minimum of 2 (girls & guys can do this!!) from each school…. Contact us ASAP–before 2/9/18 so this can be YOU!!